Circumcision as protection against AIDS

Circumcision may offer Africa AIDS hope: Procedure linked to much lower rate of new HIV infections

Laboratory studies have found that the foreskin is rich in white blood cells, which are favored targets of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. So the theory is that men who are uncircumcised are much more likely to contract the virus during sex with an infected woman, and that the epidemic spreads when these newly infected men have sex with other women within their network of sexual partners.

Is that weird, or what?

Discussing the article with Hai, the following exchange occurred:

Me (17:42:00): at first I was like, what could the connection possibly be?
Me (17:42:09): is it just that people who are circumcised are less promiscuous?
Me (17:42:13): but no!
Me (17:42:20): it’s actually physically related to the foreskin!
Me (17:42:27): it is NUTS to find a connection like that
Hai (17:42:32): no pun intended
Hai (17:42:35): you sicko
Me (17:42:47): ROFLMAO