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Court rejects teachers’ plea over ‘Kimigayo’ issue

I keep seeing stories about Japanese teachers not singing the national anthem, and how they are reprimanded. I do not, however, see any explanation as to why they don’t want to recognize the national anthem. Why don’t the news sources tell us their reasoning? What is the purpose behind these teachers’ protests?

Takarazuka Revue to perform “The Rose of Versailles” at University in South Korea

BeruBara! Lady Oscar!

I want to see it performed!

Japan to promote animated films, video games, music abroad

Because, you know, there aren’t enough anime fans abroad o_O;;

Seriously, maybe this will help us get uncut versions of anime. (Or maybe this harkens the end of fansubs, as Japan cracks down on them so it can profit on exported media…)

Here are two Hiroshima stories.

Rare Hiroshima photos to be shown (one day only)

The panoramic photos were taken Aug. 10, 1945, by Hajime Miyatake, a photographer with the The Asahi Shimbun’s Osaka bureau.

Miyatake, now deceased, entered Hiroshima on Aug. 9 and took the first panoramic photos of the scene from the roof of the three-story Hiroshima-Higashi police station.

Drawings of U.S. soldiers killed by A-bomb given to Hiroshima museum