Dinner and a movie

WAGT reports that Augusta is planning a huge open air shopping center at I-20 and Riverwatch. I think this is an absolutely horrible place to put a shopping center, but I could be wrong. Theoretically it’s good to have a location near two major roads, but the flaw here is that one side of Riverwatch is pretty much unavailable for turns due to the train tracks. All traffic will have to be directed the same way as the on-ramps for I-20, and it’s already enough of a mess as it is. I’m not entirely sure how they intend to make it work.

The center itself doesn’t sound like anything particularly fascinating, except for the following:

It will also house a 24,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art Movie Tavern, a restaurant theatre concept with six screens and 1000 stadium seating, featuring tables adjacent to the auditorium seating where movie goers will be able to order and be served a full dinner, snacks or desserts. This will be the first restaurant theatre concept in the Augusta area.

Looks like someone had the same idea I did! I will be really interested to see if this will help movie ticket sales. (And of course, I want to check it out myself!)