Done [possible Harry Potter spoilers]

And now I just feel…numb. I finished, lying on my stomach on the bed, and I just laid my head in my arms and stared at the comforter. I closed the book, and put it away.

Numb. Just…I don’t know. I had an inkling of what was going to happen. But as events unfolded I convinced myself that maybe it would be someone else, that the rumors had been false. And then it happened, and of course it fits. It’s the prototypical legend; it had to happen that way. But it’s just…like Harry, I feel like something in my chest has been flattened.

There’s something that just isn’t right, about what happened, about Dumbledore pleading, “Severus…” There’s something that isn’t right about what Snape did.

I just…can’t believe it.