Films about WWII era Japan

A couple of films have been released recently about WWII/Japan. Thought I’d link ’em.

Film about Emperor Hirohito wins Russian film fest prize

The film, “Solntse” (Sun), directed by Aleksandr Sokurov, focuses on the emperor’s anguish from August 1945, when he decided to agree to Japan’s unconditional surrender, to January 1946, when he renounced all claims to divinity. The movie is the third part of a trilogy by Sokurov on people in power during the 20th century. His two previous works were about Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.

Filmmaker documents Japan’s WWII germ experiments in China

A documentary film on Japan’s notorious secret unit that conducted germ experiments on Chinese prisoners of war (POWs) in northeastern China during World War II is to be shown in Tokyo Friday evening, its producer said Thursday.

The 60-minute film titled, “The Phantom Unit 731,” directed by TV producer Haruko Yoshinaga, will be shown at the Shufu Kaikan hall in Chiyoda-ku, beginning at 6:30 p.m., Friday.