Flip-flop flap

Ah, the controversy (via Drudge):

“Don’t even ask me about the flip-flops,” her mother said when a reporter questioned her about the picture. “As somebody who is 52 years old, it mortified me. I don’t go out of the house without pantyhose on.”

Twenty- and thirtysomethings will pair flip-flops with everything from shorts to cocktail dresses, wearing them at work and at clubs, for a stroll down Main Street or even down the wedding aisle. For their moms, the shoes – best known for the flapping noise they make – are meant for places like the beach.

One of the hottest trends this summer, flip-flops are no longer a dime-store purchase, with some costing several hundred dollars. They come flat and with wedge heels. They have rhinestones and sequins and flowers.

In today’s laid-back society, is there a distinction between ratty old flip-flops and ones from Neiman Marcus? Can they be worn at the White House, perhaps the most formal setting in the United States?

“I don’t go out of the house without pantyhose on”?! Man, I’m glad I’m young.

I’m not sure I would wear flip-flops to the White House, but it would really depend on how they looked, wouldn’t it? Also, I would have to have had a pedicure or something, and wear toenail polish. I don’t know, given how dressy some of the flip-flops I tried on at Target looked, I have to say that I think sneakers are definitely less formal.

Now I want to buy more flip-flops…I only own one pair, some nice simple $3 purple ones, but I’ve been wearing them everywhere this summer.