Harry Potter party

Brooke and I decided to meet up with Mari, Mari’s family, Chris, and Jeannie at Borders for the Harry Potter release party. (Of that group, only Mari and Jeannie had actually preordered the book!)

Before we went over there, I tied Brooke to a chair and forced her to watch Kyou Kara Maou episode 1 on DVD. She claimed to enjoy it, but you never know with coersion…;> Shibuya Yuuri Harajuku Furi, Brooke! It’s hilarious I tell you!

Anyway, after Wolfram showed up and stared disdainfully at Yuuri for the first time, we tore ourselves away and headed over to Borders, where much hanging out was to be had.

Someone had brought extra witch hats…

my hair is too long...

Here’s a picture of everyone.

As you can tell by the timestamp on this post, Brooke and I left before people started getting their books (at midnight, obviously). This is mainly because Brooke was tired, but also because I didn’t want to stand around coveting my neighbors’ wives…err possessions.

In any case, it was neat to see all the kids dressed up in costume (of course, I didn’t get any pictures of that) and to think about buying some Harry Potter-themed snacks. They had rice krispie treats in the shape of a lightning bolt, with thick purple frosting. They had chocolate frogs (toads, technically, according to Jeannie). And they had butterbeer (non-alcoholic). However, the line extended halfway through the store, so I contented myself with looking and imagining.

Mostly, we just stood around and talked, and took pictures of each other wearing the witch hats. I also leafed through a book of Drew Struzan‘s movie posters, which was nice. It had my favorite Star Wars poster and my favorite Indy poster. (Drew also did the Harry Potter posters. Because he is the man.)

After that, Mari disappeared, and shortly thereafter Brooke and I did the same ;>