In the wake of this, we have this.

Eminent Domain Debate Comes to North Augusta

Several property owners learned for the first time Thursday that their land is in the way of progress. About fifty owners may have to give up parts of their land to make way for roads in and around the North Augusta Riverfront Project.

Johnny Williams is one of those people. He owns the North Augusta Carpet Shop on Georgia Avenue.

“I was talking to one of those Department of Transportation men and I asked them. I said I don’t want to sell my land and he just looks at me and said you know they’re gonna take it away one way or another,” said Williams.

This makes me very unhappy! I was so excited about the Riverfront Project :(

At least no one’s being kicked out of their house for it. (I don’t think, anyway.)

But what happened to South Carolina’s laws against eminent domain? Was this article in error, or will Mr. Williams be able to keep his parking lot?