I had interesting dreams last night

In the first dream (or it might have been the second, I’m not sure on the order), I was helping a mother get her children back from her abusive ex-husband. We basically had to sneak onto this farm, convince the kids to come with us, and drive out of there fast in order to avoid the guy. It was kind of scary because we could have been caught. There were something like seven children in all, though I only really got to know one boy and one girl. I don’t remember whose names were what, but apparently two of the children were named “Black” and “White”, and it was just before learning that that I realized the family was African-American, so I had to revise their appearances in my head.

Yes, I battle race issues even in sleep.

That situation seemed to resolve itself satisfactorily, with the ex-husband turning out not to be an abuser after all, and the kids getting to be with both parents.

Then, somehow, I was Harry Potter, and I was trying to get my Quidditch team in order. We were practicing in Mom and Dad’s office. AJ was there, but I’m not sure which character he was supposed to be. Ben was Ron and he was really looking forward to trying out the Seeker position, which of course should have been mine. However, there was an extra player, so I said, “How about I sit out a few rounds? I can evaluate my team.” And somebody (it was either AJ or Ginny Weasley) looked over at me and smiled approvingly of my choice to give Ben his chance.

The brooms were awesome; I’d jumped on one and soared right up to the ceiling, looping around to watch the team. They didn’t look like the brooms in the movies, but had metal poles in kind of a square shape, resembling workout equipment. I knew, of course, that they shouldn’t actually work, and I kept wondering how it was possible. Draco Malfoy showed up and made fun of me for not realizing that the brooms worked by magnetism. I wasn’t quite buying this, but I let him have his say so he’d get out of our faces. I was eager to go outside and try the broom, to see how high I could get in the air. If I could get really high, I would know it wasn’t magnetism at all. (I think the only reason we weren’t practicing outside was because it was raining big-time.)

However, with me not playing Seeker, everything seemed to go nuts. The team wasn’t behaving at all. The Chasers, including Ginny and one of the girls (inexplicably Anglo-American again) from the first dream, were just lying around on the floor with AJ doing nothing. The Beaters were flying around goofing off. Ron/Ben kept asking me where the Golden Snitch was (it was, apparently, a pink bouncy ball lying inert on the floor). Come to think of it, I’m not exactly sure who was supposed to be Keeper.

When we finally started practice, it was AJ who doled out tactics; the only game-related thing I said, which was very stupid, was, “Want to try it with two Quaffles? JUST KIDDING!” (I’d meant to say Bludgers, but I couldn’t remember the name. As you know, when a team practices by itself they typically only use one of the two Bludgers. There is only one Quaffle.) Maybe AJ was supposed to be Cormac McLaggen…;P

I never did get a satisfactory broomstick ride.

I’m not really sure of the order of the dreams; this next one might have come before the Harry Potter one. In it, I was in my parents’ house, and Mom was packing stuff. “We’re going to Disney World!” she told me. I grabbed up about a zillion batteries and memory cards for my camera. As I hadn’t brought anything but my purse with me to my parents’ house (not sure why), I went around begging my brothers for backpacks or something I could carry my camera in. Ben loaned me a bag. I think I may have boasted about Disney World too much in front of them, but I didn’t realize at the time that they didn’t get to go.

Mom and I got into a pink airplane and flew to Orlando. I never really stopped to wonder where my mom had learned to fly, but I did feel as though something was amiss as she taxied to a stop on the runway.

When we got out of the plane, Mom said something about packing her nightgown, and I freaked out. “I didn’t know we were staying overnight!” I said, with combined delight and horror. I didn’t have any clothes other than the ones I was wearing. Mom assured me that it wasn’t a big deal, and we headed off towards Disney World.

We never really got to the park, I guess. I remember seeing these awesome multicolored landspeeders (that’s all I can think to call them, they didn’t have wheels) that carted people from the parking lot to the park. They were wedge-shaped and ran on skids with a cushion of air holding them off the ground. And I remember getting to one of the park entrances–it had no basis in reality, it was L’Arc de Triomphe. But I guess my brain decided to do something different at that point. Or that was when Sean’s alarm started going off. (When he finally got up to leave, I said, “I had the best dream…Mom took me to Disney World…”)

At some point, I dreamed about a replacement for the Space Shuttle. It was white and rocket-shaped, very reminiscent of vintage Warner Bros. Duck Dodgers stuff, and it gained orbit by bouncing like a pogo stick. Both ends were spring-loaded, though you couldn’t tell until it hit the ground. It bounced higher and higher, and started looping through the sky, leaving a trail of white smoke like a jet stream. I took as many pictures of it as I could, and I even took a movie, but I remember thinking that I needed to save some memory for Disney World pictures.

The spacecraft was designed to break apart and eject a man wearing some kind of space suit that allowed him to fly. I’m not sure if it was a jetpack or jet-propelled feet (maybe both). The suit was black and grey and looked really cool. I had the impression as I watched him flying in the sky that he was going to the moon. The question of why I could still see him didn’t occur to me (my eyes seemed to have fairly awesome zoom lenses).

Other than that, all I can remember is arriving somewhere with Mom, this time in Mom’s van, and the people who were already there started commenting that we fit right in because we were wearing black. It was somebody’s house, a mansion, and there were all kinds of cars parked out front in lines that followed the straight path away from the front door. I’m not sure what we were doing there, because it seemed to be a family get-together of some sort, and we weren’t related to the people involved.