It’s hot

I technically have 20 minutes of lunch left, but it’s hot, and I’m not wearing particularly comfortable shoes, so I didn’t feel like strolling around Riverwalk like usual. I ate my lunch (Asiago Chicken with Portobello Mushrooms, or something to that extent, from Healthy Choice) on a bench next to the small raised stage where the workout people usually come and do leg lifts (but they didn’t show up today). I kept feeling tiny drops of water falling on my face and arms, so light it was more similar to having small bugs land on me than it was to feel rain. The sky wasn’t clear, but the clouds didn’t look all that grey, so I’m not sure if the water was actually rain or if it was coming from the fountain just beyond the entryway to Riverwalk. That’d be a long distance for the water to travel, but maybe that would explain the miniscule size of the drops.

Once I was finished eating, I decided to move my car to a parking space in front of the office. My reasoning was threefold. First, if it is going to rain (and the forecast has indicated that it will tonight, at least) then having my car nearby would be good. Second, my car has a better chance of starting in the heat if I can get it to start once. And third, it gave me something to do. So I walked down to St. Paul’s and got my car and brought it back over here. It started right away, thankfully. Maybe having been in motion briefly when the sun was at its peak will mean that it won’t play its little games with me at 5, even though it will have been stewing in the heat for three and a half hours. That would be nice.

I’ve had four cups of water today and am working on my fifth. Isn’t that fascinating?

Now I have ten minutes left. I think I’ll surf the web for a bit.