Jeph Jacques is so friendly.

His newsposts on Questionable Content are typically only a few paragraphs long. He says what he has to say in a concise way, and doesn’t go off into tangents. You’d think that with that kind of format, he’d come across as rather terse.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

His style is comfortable and open, like he’s welcoming you personally into his life. But it’s not gushy–he doesn’t imply anything about his relationship with you. His writing doesn’t assume that you want his drama.

In fact, Jacques is polite enough to keep drama out of his newsposts altogether.

In the world of Jeph Jacques’ newsposts, people are nice to each other. People want to communicate, and they have good things to say. There’s a sense of camaraderie.

There is nothing in Jacques’ newsposts to cut him off from the reader. There’s no self-pity. There’s no boasting. There is never the implication that we can’t understand him.

Instead, we feel as though we’ve just walked into his store or coffeeshop, and he’s greeting us like old friends even though we’ve never met. He’s treating us with respect and friendliness and acknowledging that, in the end, we are all, himself included, just people.

He’s inviting us politely into his life–a life where the world is full of awesome things, and all we have to do is open our eyes to them. But he’s not forcing this world upon us. We go there willingly–I go there every day–because we are invited with no strings attached. Jacques will always be there to wish us well, no matter when we happen to stop by.