Just finished Goblet of Fire

You know, I think that may be my favorite book. It’s very long, and some of the stuff in the beginning seems to drag, but by the end you see how it all fits together, and it’s hard to think of anything that could be left out. (I’ve been pondering during non-reading times how exactly this novel is going to be translated into a movie. The screenwriter has his work cut out for him. Part of me is kind of envious, though…it’d be a very interesting challenge.)

I’m not sure I’m looking forward to Order of the Phoenix. There is some really cool stuff in that book, to be sure, but all I can think about is how Harry turns into an obnoxious, surly teenager. I understand the reasons, but this book is also huge, and I know I’m going to be impatient for him to discover everything so he can get his head screwed back on straight.


In any event, I think I should have no problem getting through it by Saturday. Mari mentioned to me that there’s a Harry Potter party on Friday night at Borders. It lasts until midnight, at which time the people who preordered from Borders get to take home their books. (Mari will get to start reading hours before I do…mine’s coming in the mail.) I think it might be fun to attend the party, since there should be raffles and such. This means that I will really want to be done with Order of the Phoenix by 9 pm on Friday night, when the party starts.

I’m pretty sure I can do it; I’ve got all the rest of today, most of tomorrow (one job interview in the afternoon), Thursday evening, and Friday during the day. It took approximately a day and a half to get through Goblet of Fire, so I seem to have plenty of wiggle room.