Luke has written a review of Land of the Dead, and you must read it.


If you’re still here, then maybe this will convince you:

Being conditioned to look for a bold statement, that’s exactly what I did. Look.

“Land of the Dead. Well hell, that’s a statement right there, right? Isn’t it? It has to be. Like ‘this land is your land’, except it’s not anymore, because it’s overrun. Yeah. By evil. Yeah. Utterly inhospitable to life. Yeah. Because of the zombies, but also because of repression. YEAH. And denial of rights. GOD YES,” really cheering myself on now, “brought about by the Patriot Act. And globalization. The failing dollar. And McCarthyism. Good God: taxation without representation! America really is the Land of the Dead!”

Before the opening credits, this was already the most broad and convincing social satire I’d ever seen. Unbelievable. A master stroke.

Except it wasn’t.

Go. Now. There’s a twist ending!