Magic 8-ball: totally stupid

Due to events completely beyond my control, I will not be starting work at the place where I assumed I was a shoo-in. It’s nothing about me or my qualifications. Something happened at the business that causes them to be unable to hire anyone at this time.

Maybe the universe is keeping me from being hired so I will see some other avenue, something I’d like better, something I’m destined to do.

Or maybe the universe is trying to teach me humility.

Either way, I’m getting pretty tired of it.

I’m also getting tired of the temp agency refusing to ever call me back or respond to my emails. If I’m unemployable, just tell me so I can stop wasting my time.

Look, world-at-large: I am extremely intelligent. I can figure out how to do whatever jobs you have available. I’m also nice! One of the people at my internship says that I’m a nice person, that it’s rare to find someone nice like me. See?! Nice! And I’m a hard worker, too. I hate leaving jobs unfinished and I hate being idle, so you can usually find me hard at work whenever I have a task.

I just want to do something, in an office environment. Design, write, file, data entry, whatever.