Mickey D’s new late night hours are dangerous

All that talk of eating animals made me hungry, so I set out for McDonald’s in search of their late night menu (specifically, the evil, evil double quarter pounder with cheese). However, upon arriving I discovered that the system was down and they couldn’t take my order.

Some days, I take events like that as a sign that I shouldn’t eat a double quarter pounder, but not today.

The girl said the system would be back up in 10 minutes, so I drove up to the McDonald’s off Baston Road and Fury’s Ferry to see if it was open. It wasn’t, so I decided to check out the Fury’s Ferry Road construction and see how it’s coming along.

I drove out past Evans to Lock until I hit North Belair, where I turned left, thinking I would go to the Evans McDonald’s on Washington Road. I found myself passing the Columbia County Government Complex on Ronald Reagan, which perplexed me–I hadn’t realized that it was that close to North Belair. Of course, I was on the “other” side of North Belair, and this didn’t click until I turned onto Evans to Lock and ended up back at Fury’s Ferry.

Duh. I had driven in a big circle.

Oh, well. By this time surely McDonald’s system was back up, so I headed back over there. But another thought had occurred to me. The sign had said “Late Night – 11 pm to 4 am”, and now it was past 4. Would I have to eat breakfast?

Sure enough, I had to order from the breakfast menu. Sausage egg and cheese meal with orange juice it is, then.

Hey wait…there isn’t any cheese on this!