My book is here!

Brooke and I were eating Subway and had gotten through an episode or two of Kyou Kara Maou when the mailman knocked hard on the door. I went to open it.

“Meadows?” he asked. I looked at the package in his hand, which was different from most Amazon boxes. It was white, with green text asking “Who is the Half-Blood Prince?” and warnings to “Please Do Not Open Until July 16! Please Do Not Deliver Until July 16!”

“My Harry Potter book is here!” I cried gleefully. The mailman grinned and handed it over.

Oddly, I did not immediately kick Brooke out of the house and get to reading. Instead, we watched more episodes, getting through episode 5 and the giant skeleton made of garbage. I would have watched more, but Brooke had to go meet her mom.

Kyou Kara Maou is that damn good, people. It’s good enough for me to put off Harry Potter.

But now! Now, I read.

See you in quite a few hours ;>