Overeaters not-so-anonymous

I did go back to McDonald’s for a Quarter Pounder, and I also got a smoothie at R. Gabriel’s, and between those and the rest of the snacking my total calorie count for today is not pretty. The scary thing is, even as I was finishing off the Quarter Pounder I was still hungry, wishing I’d bought a second one. I’m not entirely sure where all this food is going. I ate a granola bar not long after that, and just a few minutes ago I was suddenly overcome with desire for WifeSaver fried chicken.

Thank goodness they close at 9.

I think I’ve been having food cravings like this more often than I’d realized. I’d thought each time that I was pregnant, or that there was something wrong with me. But Brooke remarked casually earlier about a friend of hers who goes through the same thing during the first days of her period. She calls them “house” days because she feels like she could eat a house.

So apparently this binge urge is perfectly normal, and it’s just something I need to learn to deal with.

I guess I’d gotten used to not going all wonky every month, what with not having a period for something like five years. Now I’m pretty much normal, thanks to the hormone replacement therapy, and I need to get readjusted.

Of course…I never had healthy eating habits back when I had natural periods. It might be difficult to change.

But at least I know what it is now. Somehow, knowing that this is just a hormone thing, a period thing, makes it seem like something I can face.

So…I’ll start trying to face it.