So, Heather, what’s up with you today?

Well, I’ve watched some more Friends. Finished off season 1 and started on season 2. Ah, Ross and Rachel, how you torment me!

I also ate more than I should have. It seems that once I started eating, I had trouble stopping. I ate eggs over easy and toast, and not too much later I had two hot dogs. I’m still burping up hot dog taste. Yeeeeccck. That wasn’t everything I ate, either, but I don’t feel like listing it all. At least today wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

Before Sean got home, I ran a couple of errands: I faxed a resume at the UPS Store, and dropped off all my oversized pants at Goodwill. My car didn’t want to start, initially. I let it cool off some and it finally worked. I just need a new starter, I guess. I have no idea how much that will cost.

After Sean got home, I split my time between Friends and cuddling in bed with him. Well, cuddling isn’t the right word; it’s freaking hot, hot enough that even Sean felt it and was only wearing shorts. So we sat/lay around and were affectionate with each other. We talked and kissed and gave backrubs and such. Sean was messing around on the laptop, too.

My computer’s been running slowly, so I archived a little today, and deleted temp files, and ran virus and adware scanners, and updated Windows, and all that hoopla. I’m almost done. Hopefully my computer will behave a little better after all this special treatment. I really need to buy some more DVD-RWs, though. I have something like 115 gigs of stuff to archive. (I’ll need another CD rack, too…:P)

The job front doesn’t look any better today than it did yesterday, or the day before. I did get another rejection letter from Columbia County today, woo hoo. I’ve applied for a few more things, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I would really like to see more Kyou Kara Maou. Like, all the episodes after 45.

And that’s about it.