Sometimes you just gotta sleep

I’ve (obviously) had a lot on my mind in recent days. I’ve been thinking about my future, about how to get back to Japan someday, about possibly going back to school and how exactly that would even work (no good schools around here, no real prospect of moving), about where to start my business, about how I can get a freaking job so I can start saving to make at least some of the things I want a reality. Add to that the fact that something bad happened to one of my best friends recently, something I know next to nothing about other than it totally sucks, it’s not her fault (and is actually a serious invasion of her privacy), and it’s forced her to give up something she loved. All because some stupid people had to be assholes.

Also, I’m physically feeling like crap, all congested and headachey, and that never helps anything.

However, I do have things to do tomorrow (amazingly enough), so I think I’ll end this early-morning ramblefest here and slip into bed with the hubby.

Night all.