This book is funny [Harry Potter spoilers]

I was given to understand that I would be in need of tissues…but so far, the only tears I have come remotely close to shedding have been tears of laughter. Some of these scenes are just fantastic…and of course, Dumbledore’s lines are almost all ROFL worthy. During several places I have literally been unable to keep reading, due to laughing so hard.

Things just don’t feel as…desperate, I guess, as they did in Order of the Phoenix, even though some really heavy things are, in fact, occurring.

BTW, it’s looking like it’ll be Harry and Ginny after all…or at least, Harry wants it to be Harry and Ginny. But at least the movement down that path has been fairly realistic, although I think Harry’s blossoming feelings seem a little out of the blue.

Oh, and someone needs to smack Ron and Hermione.