Undersea volcanic eruption sends plume of steam into air over Pacific ocean near Iwo Jima

CNN’s a little behind the times, but Japan Today has an update.

Steam plume in Pacific confirmed as undersea volcanic eruption

This part of the article amused me:

A Maritime Self-Defense Force member at the MSDF’s aviation base on Iwojima Island, north of Minami-Iwojima Island, spotted the column of water vapor about 1,000 meters high and 50-100 meters thick at 5:45 p.m. Saturday.

Note that they place “Iwojima Island” as “north of Minami-Iwojima Island”. There are two funny things about that.

  1. “-jima” means island, so they are literally saying “Iwo Island Island”.
  2. “Minami” means south, so their explanation is that Iwojima is “north of South Iwo Island Island”. That seems kind of logical, doesn’t it?