A thousand years of power!

The Smoking Gun: Crusader Nabbed By Michigan Cops (via Penny Arcade)

The suspect was very agitated and refused to speak to Ofcs, responding only w/ threats to kill Ofcs and begging Ofcs to come downstairs and kill him. While standing at the top of the stairs, I could see that the suspect was armed w/ a long sword and was wearing a “chainmail” armored vest over his torso. He was also wearing leather “gauntlets” to protect his forearms. After trying to make conversation w/ him for several minutes, he eventually approached the stairwell and threw the sword towards Ofcs. The sword hit the stairs and bounced back onto the basement floor. He then armed himself w/ a giant wooden hammer and stated, “I’m gonna crush your fucking skulls, I have a 1000 years of power” among other things. He then slammed the hammer on a table located at the bottom of the stairs.

Police reports are awesome.