Augusta Canal Boat Tour

Look what I did today!

That’s right, children, I finally took one of those Augusta Canal boat tours.

Brooke and I had lunch together yesterday, and we started talking about plans for today, and all of a sudden we randomly decided to take the boat tour. Neither of us had ever been. So today we headed over to Enterprise Mill for the 3:00 tour.

It was really too bright to take good pictures of Sibley Mill (or the other mills and buildings), but I did get a couple decent canal shots.

Also, this is the cutest picture of Brooke I’ve ever taken.

Too bad it’s kinda washed out. And speaking of washed out, here’s the only picture of Sibley Mill that wasn’t.

It was a really fun tour! The Saturday night tour sounds even better: it lasts for three hours and goes all the way to the Savannah Rapids Pavillion, where you can get out and see that museum, and then on your way back it’s dark and all the mills are lit up. Sounds neat and romantic! Whenever I get a job (and we are therefore not poor anymore) I am going to try to get Sean to take me on that one :)

(Technically, I have seen all of this stuff before, as the hiking/biking trail is right there, but it’s different being on the water.)

Also, the lady who sold us our tickets to the tour told us that there is a waterfall somewhere along the canal, near Lake Olmstead. (This is not the mini waterfall thing I saw near the Pavillion; it’s much further southeast.) Apparently there is a pool beneath the waterfall and you can swim in it! And it’s supposedly gorgeous. So, I am going to bike out there and check it out ASAP–maybe this weekend. (Man, it would be so cool to swim in a waterfall pool, like I did in southern Japan in 2001…I’d link to pictures of that, but they’re not uploaded yet ;P)