Carson Fire wrote me an email!

In response to this horribly rude post, Carson Fire wrote a polite and very friendly letter apologizing for the disarray of the Elf Life store and explaining some of the thinking and other reasoning behind many of his decisions concerning the promotion of the comic. As he didn’t post this in a comment, I’m assuming he meant the content of his email to be private, and will respect that privacy. I did, however, want to state for the record that I am very impressed that he responded to a post calling him–literally–“stupid” with such tact and grace and amicability. I can’t say that I agree with all his reasoning, but I know that he’s doing his best, and that is worthy of mention and praise.

I’d also like to point out that there are some cool designs in the store now–most notably this (yes, I cobbled that image together, and yes, we are all still wondering why I have an art internship):

I am so buying that as soon as I, like, get a job. (Too bad the good/evil thing isn’t available as a babydoll…)