Database of North Korean Propaganda

Yahoo! News has a story about NK News, a “searchable database of North Korean propaganda”. From NK News’ homepage:

This site contains nearly every article published on the KCNA’s website, in English and Spanish, since Dec 2, 1996–over 50 MB of hard-core Stalinist propaganda! And each article written in that unique and indelible style of the KCNA.

Check out the Fun Searches and the Insult Generator. A few examples of the latter:

You half-baked renegade!

You imperialist aggressor!

You anti-socialist lackey, you would be well advised to behave with discretion!

You arrogant traitor, we will transform your country into a sea of fire!

You bloodthirsty political dwarf!

According to the Reuters article on Yahoo!, the site is the brainchild of Geoff Davis, a California graphic artist.

“Their propaganda is often unintentionally hilarious and I couldn’t find an existing searchable database of the KCNA on the Web. Thus, NK News was born,” Davis told Reuters.

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