MSNBC: Tourist perch to be built at Grand Canyon

An American Indian tribe with land along the Grand Canyon is planning to build a glass-bottomed walkway that will jut out 70 feet from the canyon’s edge.

The horseshoe-shaped skywalk, expected to open in January, is part of the Hualapai Tribe’s $40 million effort to turn 1,000 acres of reservation land into a tourist destination that will also feature an Indian village and Western-themed town.

Look at that thing!

artist's rendering of glass skywalk

How terrifying would that be?!

Of course, I want to go…

I’ve actually never been to the Grand Canyon. My mom has; when she was growing up, her parents took her and her siblings on a road trip around the US. I’ve always wanted to do that. I’m pretty sure Dad’s been out there too, though I’m not positive. He traveled all over the place when he was a journeyman wireman.

Someday I’ll see the West!