I’m a little depraved, I guess

The father of Moxie CrimeFighter has put out “the most foul-mouthed movie ever“. CNN is so coy about the nature of the jokes in the movie that I really, really want to see it now.

“This film has more affection and love and world peace in it than any Disney film ever made,” said Jillette, best known as half of the magic act Penn & Teller. “This is a truly feel-good movie about (an unprintable family activity).”

More accurately, this movie is about a variety of unprintable family activities, some involving pets, limited only by the imagination of the person telling the joke. The bit is vile, vulgar, obscene and offensive; it’s a gag that could make you gag.

But as related by Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Martin Mull, Whoopi Goldberg and dozens of other brilliant comedians, this low-rent humor helps “The Aristocrats” hit rarely reached comedic heights. It delivers on the promise of its promo:

“No nudity. No violence. Unspeakable obscenity.”

I mean, come on, Bob Saget‘s in it!