I’m not even a cat person

I went out to pick up a prescription tonight. On my way out I saw a large orange-ish cat lurking just between a car and the curb; the streetlamps refracted golden in its eyes and I thought about how I’d said I’d never experienced anything supernatural. Cats’ eyes are about as supernatural as things get around me. Which is not to say that they’re not spooky, because they totally are.

I got my prescription and then picked myself up some dinner. When I got back there was a cat in the middle of the parking lot, and I had to be careful to avoid it. Initially I assumed it was the same one, but when I got out of the car I saw that this one was smaller, leaner, and more of a grey color.

“Hi kitty kitty,” I said. “Aren’t you cute!” It approached me, so I put my bag down and petted it. It was so sweet.

I cooed at it a little, then headed towards my apartment. The kitten followed me. I would stop every now and then and turn around and look for it, only to have it zip around in front of me on my other side. It followed me up the stairs all the way to the third floor, and when I opened my apartment door it came right in with me.

(I must confess that I did nothing to discourage the cat. I thought it was absolutely adorable.)

Heading into the office, I put my stuff down and informed Sean, “A cat followed me home!” He got up and looked around. “It’s in the living room,” I said, and he headed out there.

“Where’d it go?” I wondered, looking around, and then called for it. “Here, kitty kitty kitty! Where’s the pretty cat?”

“There she is,” Sean said. (Was it a girl?) The cat padded out of our bedroom and Sean stood there looking down at it.

I approached, crouched down, and petted it again. “Good, sweet thing,” I said. Then, to Sean, “Do you think cats eat French fries?”

“Only if you want to keep it,” Sean responded.

“Bah, all right,” I said. “Do you have a mommy? Go find your mommy,” I said, and opened the door. The kitten headed out, not in a hurry but not reluctantly either, and it turned around to watch as I shut the door behind it.

Sweet little kitten face!