I’m sensing a pattern

I haven’t done a thorough analysis or anything, but I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t a trend in my comments. Every now and then, all kinds of strangers will start posting out of the blue (and yes, three people is “all kinds” to me. My readership is small). These people typically only post once (to my knowledge) and then never return.

I’ve wondered why that is for some time, but it only occurred to me today that it might be directly linked to whenever I post about hotly contested current events. While these people don’t necessarily comment on the shackle-raising post, they may choose to linger for a bit to see if there is something they want to comment on. Finding such, they do comment, but then find nothing further to hold their interest, and surf away.

This is highly probable, I believe.

The idea of doing searches for blogs that discuss a particular topic, and then going there to post a comment and never return seems pretty boring to me. I’m typically not interested in reading someone’s blog unless it’s something I’m willing to subscribe to. (By this I mean that the blog is both well-written and engaging, and no, well-written does not mean it has to be grammatically perfect.)

I can’t imagine trolling zillions of blogs all day just so I could share my opinion. I’d rather just post my opinion here and be done with it.

In any case, for awhile I was concerned about the readers I was failing to entice to stay, but now I don’t think I care all that much. Trolls belong on forums ;>