Kyo Kara Maoh! DVD 2…dub!

So, I’m watching the dub.

Yes, I am a masochist.

In episode 7, the dub has Gunter say, “I saw that incredible inscription on the back of Morgif’s sword guard.” So it makes me wonder if they didn’t just mess up when typing the sub

The “we gave that thing to the kid” line was pretty much the same, though. ;P

Of all the voice actors, I’d say Josak and Wolfram’s are closest to the source. Yuuri’s voice actor is actually fairly decent with his intonation…but he’s not Yuuri. The things he says and the way he says them actually make him seem like a different person to me. That kinda sucks.

Conrad is still horribly, horribly monotone. It’s funny, really. I’m looking forward to the Stoffel arc, especially episode 10 where he has to scream, “YUURI!” It’ll be hilarious to see the crazed look on his face paired with a decidedly monotone half-yell…

(By the way, it seems to me that a major problem with English dubs is that the actors don’t speak out, especially when they’re trying to sound “cool”. It’s like they kind of hush themselves up, murmuring rather than speaking normally. I think if they’d just let themselves talk it would work out a little better.