Potter parody goodness

Via the Keenspot newsbox, I discovered yesterday that Filthy Lies!, a comic I don’t normally read, is having a fun Harry Potter crossover event thingy. It starts here.

ah, Mary Sue

There’s some really good stuff in that parody so far.

Meanwhile, Sluggy is also doing a Harry Potter story, as Torg the Lastnameless One returns to Hogglerynth for his third year. (As Torg said to Homogenize Milktoast, “Wasn’t second year two years ago?”) That parody starts here. It hasn’t been as memorable as the Filthy Lies! parody, but today’s was excellent:

no wonder he *SPOILER*

If you know of any other Potter parodies on the web, let me know! (Yes, I am quite happily aware of this one ;> I wouldn’t say no to similar stuff!)