Sam called!

Hadn’t heard from the bastard in a zillion years, and he up and calls me :D He seemed to be working from week-old information, as he said he was calling because he’d heard I was bored and that Sean was working until 10. But I was very glad to hear from him, and I got to whine and complain quite satisfactorily for a fair amount of time. (I also went off on a tangent about Danny Kaye, for some reason. Now I want to rent The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.)

The call, and the fact that the Scarywater tracker is working again, and the fact that Kyou Kara Maou 48 is making its steady way onto my hard drive, and the fact that my computer seems to have stopped acting up for the time being (knock on wood) have ultimately lightened my mood. Also, I’ve been getting a kick out of this post, which I absolutely only made for myself, so I could have the joy of scrolling past it several times a day. Just seeing Yuuri’s face makes me giggle. (I even set the knife picture as my backdrop!)