The Cynical Traveller does it again

I swear…he is too funny to be allowed. Check out these excerpts from the tale of his trip to Thailand:

2- “Tokyo International Airport” is a total misnomer.

For those of you who have never been to Japan, Narita Airport, sometimes called New Tokyo International Airport, is possibly the least convenient transport terminal in existence.
Not only is it not in Tokyo, it’s not even in the same prefecture as Tokyo.

For the weary traveller coming to Japan and hoping to sleep in rice fields it is perfectly situated. However, if you actually want a hotel, or, heaven forbid, to go to Tokyo, prepare for more travel.

Fortunately government plans to bury the airport and surround it with mines to make it more inaccessible were thwarted at the last minute.

3 – Everything is beatiful when compared to India

This is the second time I’ve been to Thailand. Landing in the airport, Thailand seemed liked any other South East Asian city. The immigration was long and beurocratic, the air was dirty, the traffic was crowded, the people tried to rip you off and the water was dark brown.

The previous time I had been to Thailand was on the return from India. Contrastingly, at that time, everything seemed clean, bright, friendly, cheap and wonderful. 2 weeks in India can make anything seem that way.

6 – I’m a tight-arse

The number of times I found myself arguing over the equivalent of about 10 cents was staggering. I managed to rationalise it by saying “It’s not the money, it’s the principle.” My close friends know that I have no principles and that it actually was the money.

11 – “One Night in Bangkok” is actually a pretty clever song

Seriously, go to Bangkok and then listen to the song again. It’s very well done.

Soooo many gems in this post. Go see them for yourself :D The photo captions are not to be missed…