Typhoon makes landfall in Japan

Look at these pictures that accompanied this CNN article. That’s just crazy!

apartment block in Yokosuka coastal road in Shizuoka

Two people have been injured in the typhoon so far.

CNN weather anchor Mari Ramos said Friday the typhoon was weakening rapidly.

She said the weather would improve and the high winds and sea would begin to abate, but the very heavy rainfalls associated with the typhoon meant there was still a danger of floods and landslides.

Kyodo news agency said Mawar was the second typhoon to make landfall on the Japanese archipelago this year.

Best wishes to everyone in eastern Japan. The typhoon may affect some of my favorite bloggers: Jeff Laitila lives in Yokosuka (the site of the first image), and Justin Klein has been visiting Tokyo. (Of course, Jun-Jun-chan is in Tokyo, too…)