AP photo used without permissionA giant waterfall has been discovered in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in northern California. For 60 years, park officials have been unaware of its existence, though apparently others have been there. Up until now, it’s been a secret spot for the few hardcore hikers who managed to find it, but soon it’ll probably be easy for the public to get there, via a new hiking trail.

Part of me feels bad that the secret has been revealed to the public, but another part of me is glad, because I wouldn’t have known about the falls otherwise. It’s yet another cool place for me to visit someday.

This has inspired me to finally upload my photos from the second part of my 2001 trip to Japan, the homestay in Yatsushiro. During that stay, we attended classes at a local university and took field trips around Kyushu. Some of our field trips involved hiking into the mountains, finding waterfalls, and swimming in the ice-cold water. I happen to have some pictures from those adventures, and it’s about time I shared them.