What am I doing up so early, and posting?

Originally, I was supposed to be going to a NACA workshop today–that’s why I’m not at work. However, Sean worked his 1 to 10 pm shift this week, and it just wasn’t possible to get ourselves moving early enough to make it on time for the workshop. Sean’s gone back to bed; I’m a morning person, so I’m stuck being awake and websurfing and feeling like I’m playing hooky.

I think the past three days have gotten me quasi-adjusted to being a full-time worker again, so right now it seems like I really ought to be doing something. I have the whole day today to do whatever I want, and tomorrow will be the same way. Crazy!

Next week, I’m going to be working on Saturday, but I’ll have Sunday free. I’m still not sure if only having one day off a week will be enough R&R for me. We’ll just have to see. I’ve been thinking of other things I might do, like going in one hour earlier on the weekdays to pick up 4 hours and then either only working 4 hour shifts every Saturday or working a full 8 hour shift every other Saturday, but I don’t know yet. I’ll have to think about it some more, and of course consult my boss to see if he’d even let me.

Going in an hour early would mean I’d have to leave home at 7, which would be a bit more of a morning rush than I normally like. Right now I get up at 6, get my shower and get dressed, pack lunches and clean the kitchen, and putter around online until 8, then leave for work. On Thursdays it’s the same except that I leave at 7:30. I think 6 is about as early as I want to get up in the morning, so going in an hour earlier would halve my morning me-time.

By the way, I really like my new job. I was feeling a little disquiet due to the fact that my new boss reminds me a little of my former boss…but they seem to only be similar in good qualities, or qualities that don’t really matter. My new boss is very supportive of my creative efforts, and he treats me like a professional. I truly appreciate that, and it makes me want to do my best. This is the kind of working environment I’ve been looking for!