Why Mi Rancho rules

Mi Rancho, at Belair and Columbia Road, is awesome, and here’s why.

I had “La Favorita”, which is a chicken enchilada, a beef burrito, and something with beef and beans and a pile of guacamole. (I may be wrong about which was the enchilada and which was the burrito…I’m not really a connoisseuse of Mexican cuisine.) I had water to drink and fried ice cream for dessert.

Sean had a half order of Nachos Supreme, which, for a half order, was still quite a few freaking nachos. He had iced tea to drink.

Service was fantastic, as usual. Our meals arrived promptly, and we of course had plenty of chips to enjoy in the meantime.

Our bill, for food that totally and pleasantly filled us to the brim? Including tax and tip?

Fif. Teen. Dollars.

$15.00! We could have easily paid double that amount at another Mexican restaurant, for similar or even inferior food and service.

Sean and I were just sort of staring at our check, wondering how it could possibly be right. We found our entrees, each around $5. Drink, $1.50. Dessert, $2.00. ($2.00! T.G.I. Friday’s would have charged at least $3.95 for that ice cream.)

The check was right…Mi Rancho had done it again. Fast, attentive service, delicious food, and low, low prices.

For dinner at a sit-down (not fast food) restaurant, that’s tough to beat.