Wow, am I tired.

Working a full day in a new place is pretty draining.

When I arrived, I discovered that I’d been moved out of the cubicle and into my own gargantuan office.

cavernous office

my desk

Isn’t that desk nice? (Unfortunately the chair doesn’t lower enough for the arms to slide underneath the desk, but you know, nothing’s perfect.)

So once we got the desk where I wanted it and I had been made familiar with the passwords and directory structure, we purchased Photoshop and began the two hour process of downloading it :> While that was occurring I set up my account on the computer, cleaned out some files, and searched for stock photos and fonts I could use for web design. This actually killed a good portion of the day.

Once Photoshop was installed and ready to go, I started futzing around with actual layouts. I only came up with two general ideas today, but my brain was kind of fuzzy, and also I had two interesting conversations with the owner (not the guy who hired me) that took me away from my work, so I feel all right about it.

I’m going to the internship tomorrow, and then back to work on Friday. I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to keep that up, but I really love the internship and don’t want to give it up quite yet. (I’m hoping I can learn more there that I can apply to my new job, too!)

I think once I get more settled in, I’ll be able to manage myself and my time better so that I can make designs without going into a coma. Creative work is great and challenging and all, but it’s by nature fairly unstructured, so it’s hard to keep focused. I think I will try to come up with some guidelines and goals for myself to help me stay on track.

The drive home was nice :) It rained the tiniest bit, but nothing serious, and it was cool out, which felt great. (I should explain that by “cool” I mean it was 88 degrees, with no sun and a breeze. But this felt much better than the arctic temperatures in the office…I don’t know who runs the thermostat in there, but it’s so freaking cold I was shivering. Maybe I’ll take a sweater in on Friday.)

In any case, I snapped a couple pictures of the lake again, and they came out a little better due to the sky being overcast, so here’s one:

shot at a jaunty angle because, you know, I was driving

There’s a lumber yard along the way, too; here’s a shot of some wood!

it smells really nice around this area!

There’s a new subdivision being built along Washington Road in Columbia County. I guess it’s technically Evans; it’s not far from Eagle Pointe shopping center (I think that’s what it’s called), which is not far from the big Evans shopping center where the Super Wal-Mart is. The subdivision is called Village at Greenbrier. I wonder if that would be a good place for Sean and me to look into…

I went to Wal-Mart on my way home and got some necessities, and now I’m just relaxing. My eyes have finally come unglazed, thankfully :) I’m going to just enjoy myself for the rest of the evening and not worry about anything!