Damn it

I was scrolling along down my blog and noticed the archive for June 2001. That’s the one post from my Japan trip journal that I managed to get typed up. I never typed up any of the rest of it (though the notes on my galleries for the trip heavily drew from the journal).

That made me realize that not only have I lost the Japan journal, but I’ve lost all my old diaries. The huge three ring spiral-bound one full of high school thoughts. The little books I used to buy as a kid and write in. The journal I took to GSP. I typed out some of this stuff, but nowhere near all of it.

I never got around to typing out those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck stories either (they were written on my old Apple II e, and those disks are long gone). They were all in three ring binders on my bookshelf. Now they’re gone, too.

The diaries were inside one of the end tables. I could pretend that they were somehow safe because they were in there, but that would be ridiculous. They probably spontaneously combusted due to the heat, if the end table itself didn’t go up in flames, which it probably did.