Flawed design

For security reasons, I run my Windows XP under a user account the majority of the time, and only use the administrator account for installing things or changing settings. These rules were imposed by my husband, for whom everything must be “just so”. His methodical, meticulous nature is a good thing 99.9999% of the time (trust me), but this particular demand is irritating to no end.

Ultimately, it’s not Sean’s fault–it’s the fault of the programmers of all the software I want to use. Thumbs, for example, can’t make thumbnails under a user account. It just can’t. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to let a user create thumbnails of photos? Obviously, this was an oversight. The program was designed with the assumption of certain administrative rights.

The same goes for the majority of the games I’ve installed that have high score lists. The games will freak out and crash because they can’t save the high score table. :>

So, damn you, software developers, for so insidiously foiling Sean’s perfect plan for network security.