Losing my writing

There were short stories on my hard drive that I hadn’t put on the web anywhere. None of them was finished, and none of them was particularly good. The first novel I ever tried to write was there, an epic fantasy in two parts (yes, I was writing a fantasy series…hahaha), and so was the other novel, the one about the bald guy and the conspiracy.

It occurs to me that losing them might be a good thing, because now I’m unfettered by the actual writing I did those years ago. I only have the ideas. Maybe I can turn them into something worthwhile now that I don’t have my prior, fumbling attempts to restrain me.

The book I tried to write last November was also there, and I removed it from this site…and unlike those older things, this one actually had relatively decent writing.

Thank goodness for the Wayback Machine. At least I still have the last (and weakest) chapter…