Monica Lewinsky I am not

It’s my first day back at the internship since the fire; I skipped last week. Things have been going okay. I’ve been offered condolences by everyone…and a king size wrought iron canopy bed by the vice president. She’s moving and doesn’t have the space for it anymore. If we end up getting that cute little two bedroom with the horrible thrusting garage, the bed would definitely fit in the master bedroom…

At any rate, I’ve had actual work to do today, which has been fun and challenging and interesting and all that. For the first half hour or so, I read a book called The Complete 35mm Sourcebook, which was quite interesting. I got through about half of the history of the format. Then I ran an errand to the Augusta Chronicle and helped prepare some items for an advertisers meeting.

After that, the real work began. I attended a meeting wherein the account manager told the art director and myself what was needed for three upcoming ads. I was asked to write slogans/headlines and create mockups for two of the ads.

I nailed down my headlines pretty quickly, and I’ve done two mockups for one ad, so I’m pretty satisfied with my work so far today. (Of course, I still need to mock up the other ad, for which a rough draft is actually due today. I’m actually waiting on some information in that regard…) I suppose I should admit that a lot of my work has been “cheating”; that is, I’ve lifted quite a bit from the company’s existing ads. However, that’s what they want…so there you go.

It’s really cool that the company is using me more now. I’m definitely getting some good experience.