My head is not in the game

You know “the zone”? I’m not there. :>

I’ve been having trouble concentrating all day. I’d much rather be at home (and by “home” now I mean Cheryl and Reid’s house–the place where what little stuff I own currently resides). I’d like to be doing fun stuff, like watching TV. Or maybe messing around online, since the laptops arrived Wednesday and the Internet should be working tonight. I’d like to get started working on house hunting–that house I mentioned before is okay in many ways, but ultimately the location is far from my friends and the front of the house is just butt-ugly, and I’m not going to get over those things, even if I can deal with only having two bedrooms. And I’d like to start working on listing all the anime I lost–while there were a few files on hard drives that might possibly maybe be recovered (though who knows–we haven’t heard a thing about hard drives yet), the majority of my anime was burned to DVD, so that’s gone. (And I had finally almost finished d/ling Tenshi na Konamaiki, too…)

I guess I’m distracted because there are things I’d rather be doing, which is annoying. I want to put my life in order, and that’s taking precedence in my head over silly things like work that puts food on the table (and possessions in our…possession). I want to be able to shut that off and focus on the things I need to do now.