Now that’s just dangerous

Nissan has created a car that makes it easy to back out of parking spaces–you just pivot the entire cabin 360 degrees and drive straight out.

Such moves are possible because Pivo’s steering, wheels and other parts are controlled electronically by wireless, or electronic signals, not mechanical links between the cabin and the vehicle’s chassis.

“This is a cute car for people who have problems parking,” said Nissan Motor Co. chief designer Masato Inoue.

I’m sure it’ll be very cute when there’s a wireless “hiccup” and the car careens into a wall! Seriously, after having used a wireless keyboard and mouse and having dealt with signal drops on wireless internet while sitting in the same room as the router, I’m not sure I would trust wireless technology to control things as important as steering a moving car.

Then again, it’s a tiny electric car that probably won’t see use outside Japan, so I doubt it’ll exceed 25 mph…