Really old posts, brand new comments

A week or so ago I noticed that Blogger had separated the style of the date and time on the comments from the style of that of regular posts. This is something I had been hoping for for a long time, because “posted by Anonymous at 6:30 PM” didn’t really tell me much. Now I know how new my comments are. I’m still not getting emails for all of them, so I could be missing quite a few, but at least when I do notice a comment I haven’t seen before, I know how long it’s been there.

Two posts have been getting quite a few comments recently, even though they are pretty old posts:

The first one, “Avril Lavigne sucks“, was posted on October 25 three years ago–it’s one of my very first posts. And for some reason, people have been commenting like mad this year. (Mainly anonymous people.)

The second one is the infamous constipated Naruto post, which isn’t nearly as old; it’s from January of this year. People have been commenting fairly regularly (and anonymously…hmm).

I really need to switch to WordPress so I can at least have more data on the people who are posting…