Satellite images of Katrina damage

I have to admit, what with dealing with losing all my possessions and trying to adjust to living with the in-laws and getting used to my new job, I haven’t been extraordinarily attentive to the situation in the Gulf. It’s been in my periphery–I was aware on an academic level that things were terrible, but I had never truly comprehended.

This totally blew my mind.

Just look at that. Zoom in on it. The houses are like little islands in a sea. Look at the bridge surfacing out of the lake that is New Orleans, then slipping back under the water.

It’s horrific.

(And yes, it is much worse than what I’ve been through, as several people have mentioned.)

I have a friend who was living in Biloxi, MS last I heard. I don’t know what the situation is in that city, or even if she is still there. Margaret, I have no idea if you ever read this thing, but if you’re out there I’d appreciate a note–I’ve lost your email address.