What it is, yo

Sean says our laptops shipped, so hopefully we’ll get them soon. I’m going a little stir-crazy without internet access at home.

Yesterday we looked at a house, and (somehow) I didn’t take any pictures of it. It is actually quite a nice house. The downsides: it’s one of those horrible “let’s jut the garage out front so it’s all you see from the road” styles, it only has two bedrooms, and it’s pretty far out in Columbia County, meaning it’s not convenient to lots of the places I like to go, including shopping and friends’ houses. The upsides: it’s very convenient to our jobs, the backyard is beautiful, it’s on a pond with a walking trail around it, the deck is spacious and multi-level, there’s a lovely sunroom, the kitchen has all-new appliances, the house itself is only 2 years old, there are actual stairs to the attic instead of a pull-down ladder, the great room is of a very nice size, the master bedroom is huge, and the master bath is spacious and has a jacuzzi tub.

The two bedrooms thing really is a problem, though, because we’d like to have a place for guests to sleep. There has been talk of using the sunroom for one of the purposes (either a guest bedroom or the office), but we’re still not sure what we think of that.

Off to the in-laws’.