Another weird dream!

Last night I dreamed I was leading a group of people up a snow-covered mountain. We had to crawl through the trees and it was nighttime so visibility was very poor. I had just started to wonder if I’d made a mistake when I finally caught sight of our destination. It was a city called Hina or Hita or something similar, a place we could have reached by walking around the mountain, but apparently there was some good reason for having come up the mountain.

We all found seats in this cafeteria-style area and started getting ready for what we were supposed to do next. A girl kept asking me “What should I order?” and I said, “Whatever’s normal.” She seemed very unhappy with this answer. When I finally saw what she was asking about, I realized that it was pages and pages of questions concerning a festival we were supposed to put on (it had a name that was very familiar for me, like Apres or something–it was spelled with an e but I knew that it was supposed to be pronounced with an /i/). So I took the papers from the girl and brought them back to the committee to get opinions.

We worked through a few things, but the group was large and rowdy and I was having a little trouble maintaining order. Suddenly Audra appeared and started complaining that she ought to be the one running things. I whapped her several times with the papers and shouted, “You got to be Beta President! Now I get to be in charge!!”