Butt Bridge saved!

Apparently traffic bottlenecks at Butt Bridge (I imagine it does, it’s an old two-lane bridge with zero visibility, but I wouldn’t know firsthand because I never seem to go that way when I’m downtown). It’s gotten so bad that the bridge was going to be demolished and replaced. History buffs (and people who, like me, love the name Butt Bridge) protested. After some serious wrangling, a compromise seems to have been found.

The eventual compromise, which required – literally – an act of Congress, authorized Augusta to use its $15 million allocation for a series of road improvements that would improve traffic flow by other means and leave Butt Bridge intact.

Yes, the only reason I quoted that was because of the line “which required – literally – an act of Congress”. Yes, I am a dork.

If you’re wondering what Butt Bridge is:

In 1914, President William H. Taft visited Augusta to dedicate Butt Memorial Bridge to his aide, Maj. Archibald Butt, who had perished aboard the Titanic in 1912.

And here are some pictures.