I am "domesticated"

Before I tumble off into sleep, I wanted to relate an anecdote.

Not long after I got back from the Tour of Homes, I asked Sean if he was hungry and he said yes. So I went looking for something to make for dinner.

My grandmother sent a can of pink salmon with me the last time I visited, and it had a recipe for a “Salmon Biscuit Roll” on it. I’d thought that sounded great, and had been waiting for an opportunity to make it. Today seemed as good as any.

I assembled the ingredients, making a few substitutions here and there, and prepared the dish. I mixed the salmon with Swiss cheese, an egg, and some celery salt (the recipe called for green onions–we didn’t even have regular onions or onion powder–and parsley, which we didn’t have either). Then I made biscuit dough, rolled it out (actually, I had to flatten it with my hands, because apparently Cheryl doesn’t have a rolling pin), and put the salmon mixture on top. I rolled it up long-ways and sealed the roll, then shaped it into a circle and sealed the ends together. Then I cut 12 slits in the roll and pulled them all to one side. This made for a very pretty pinwheel effect. A brushing of egg (which I did with my hand, because apparently Cheryl doesn’t have a basting brush, which seems weird since they barbecue), and it went into the oven for 25 minutes. While it cooked I made the suggested condiment, sour cream plus parmesan cheese and salt and pepper and (in my case, since I didn’t have dill weed) celery salt. A quick side dish of Kentucky Wonder Style green beans, and dinner was ready.

“This is really good,” Sean said, digging into it. “Did they buy this, or did you?”

“I made it from scratch,” I said…and his eyes actually bugged out. “From a can of pink salmon my grandma gave me.”

“It’s great,” Sean said, and then, as if deciding that wasn’t quite sufficient, he stressed, “This is wonderful.”

So! I can cook stuff after all!